The Portfolio Consultancy  (TPC) is a technically based derivatives trading and research operation which provides consultancy services to regulated Advisers, Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers and Asset Managers. We design trading and risk algorithms with a multi market, multi strategy exposure.


Our trading strategies are utilised by the various regulated operations to build bespoke portfolios for HNW individuals, UHNW individuals, Family Offices, UCITs structures, Expert funds and various Corporate Institutions.

As the name suggests- The Portfolio Consultancy utilise a ‘Multi Strategy Portfolio’ trading system for Asset Managers that aim to maximise profits for investors in both bull and bear markets, whilst looking to minimise the deviation on its equity curve.


Our systems aim to yield an absolute alpha in the markets. Our strategies do not have a benchmark to compare against- as our returns through the systems we have designed are based on specific assets like the FX market and our investment strategies are based on a combination of trend, counter trend, momentum and mid-term exposure trading.

The combination of various strategies within our systems we create are designed to provide our client’s and the Financial Institutions we operate for with the maximum possibility of targeting consistent returns (for their clientele) in any market climate, whilst keeping the volatility curve low and smooth.


With our consultancy services, Asset Managers can benefit from the expertise of TPC’s vast experience and knowledge of trading in many markets and asset classes which are derivative based like the forex arena, equity indices and the commodities market. 

The bespoke multi market, multi strategy portfolios are tailored to the investor’s/fund’s chosen risk and volatility parameters.


The Portfolio Consultancy design trading strategies for Asset Managers seeking to enhance their client’s returns and provide diversification (in the world’s largest and the most liquid market) to their overall exposure.


TPC enables this by utilising its unique in-house multi strategy trading system, which aims to exploit opportunities and volatility created in an ever changing market climate, whilst looking to generate long term capital growth primarily by maintaining a well diversified exposure to a wide range of global currencies.


Our vision is to become a world leading Trading Consultancy business in a highly competitive and an ever-changing marketplace. We are constantly re-appraising ourselves and further developing our trading model to ensure we remain assured and confident in our services.


The Portfolio Consultancy currently work with various FCA regulated UK Asset Managers, and are in the process of currently expanding our services to Middle Eastern Asset Managers, as well as Mainland Europe.